Where I Stand

Climate change presents a real threat to our children, communities, nation, and world. While many try to deny its significance and duck responsibility, I believe we must tackle this massive problem head-on.

I will work tirelessly to:

  • Ensure clean air and clean water for Hoosiers
  • Invest in growing and green technology
  • Tackle climate change
  • Protect our environment for ourselves, our children, and our country for generations to come

Since the year 2000, global temperature has steadily increased. Our country is the second-greatest contributor to carbon emissions in the world, and the carbon dioxide that we release today can’t simply be cleaned up tomorrow – carbon dioxide emissions can stay in the air for up to 100 years.

Our failure to act will puts both people and economic growth at risk – it is estimated that the United States will have lost $180 billion by end of the century if no action is taken.

Inaction is no longer an option – we must do more.

Access to clean water and clean air is a human right. At a time when our state has unmet drinking water needs at an estimated $5.9 billion, our state and federal governments are failing to address our environmental needs head-on.


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